Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a license?

How many children are you licensed for?
Are you and your assistant CPR/1st Aid trained?
We both received our training together.
Do you have an assistant?
How many assistants do you have?
One, but we are currently looking for another one.
Are you closed when you or your assistant takes vacations?
No, we have the daycare open all year, except for holidays.

-New Years (day before or after) depending on which day it falls on
-Christmas eve and day
-Memorial day
-Independence day
-Labor day
-Thanksgiving (day and after)
-Martin Luther King day
-Columbus day
-Veterans day
Are payments still required when parents go on vacations?
Are payments still required when the providers go on vacations?
Are you closed for holidays?
Yes. Only the major ones. (Ex. July 4th) But, we are open for Columbus day.
When are payments due?
If children are sick, are parents required to pick them up? (Ex. Pink eye or fever)
Do you participate in USDA Food Program?
*"USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer"
Are you and your assistant required to pass background checks?
Are the toys cleaned on a daily basis?
Do you hold spaces?
No. It's first come first serve.
Do you do drop off's and pick up's from school?
What schools do you currently drop off and pick up from?
Samuel Tucker, Weyonake, Glen Forest, and Columbia elementary
When did you start your home daycare?
What do the children do during the day?
We read to the children, go over the days of the week, they color, go over flash cards; with the abc's, numbers, shapes, colors, beginning words, singing, dancing, and puzzles.
What are the parents required to bring for their children?
Diapers, wipes, and change of clothing
What time is best to setup interviews for daycare?
The best hours are from 9 am-11am and then after 6pm.
Do the providers take classes throughout the year?
Yes, all providers are required to take classes. We get a catalog for Early Children.
When are the sheets washed?
Every Friday evening.
What are your hours?
7:30am - 6pm sharp :)