Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1st Zoning Meeting (July 16th)

Yesterday's meeting was full to capacity.  There were so many licensed home daycare providers, that they didn't even have enough seats.  To be honest, the place was a mess, it was full of confusion, and to be frank pissed off providers.  The interesting thing is zoning has been a part of the law for a long time, (according to the zoning rep).  But, the state never enforced us to go through zoning until NOW.  The thing that is crazy is not only do we have to go through a long and strenuous process with zoning, but the state has changed all of their renewal paperwork as well.  So, think of it this way, its like we are required to submit the same paperwork as those trying to open a center.

The rep that was there stated that the special use permit is $1,100.  Its supposed to be a one time fee, and every 5 years, you will have to pay 1/8 of the initial fee.  Now according to the rep, a part of the process of getting the permit, is having to go to court (for a public hearing), to make sure that your business isn't a nuisance to your neighbors.  If you have complaints then zoning, will use that to determine how many children that you will be allowed to have.  Mind you, if you have a single family home, you are allowed to care for up to 7 by right.  Meaning you don't have to get a special use permit.  You would think that if you have a detached home that you would automatically be allowed the 12, especially if you have 1 or 2 assistants.  But, that's just me.

If you have a town home, then you are allotted 5.  BOOOOOO!!!  So, that means, I will definitely need to apply for that special use permit.  Damn.   

Here's some fun facts:

-There is a grace period for providers that currently have have a license.  (Sorry not for new licensees)

-Zoning will gladly take your fee of $1,100, but they still are working on how many children we will be allowed to care for as of right now.

-They aren't sure if  you will be reimbursed if the fee goes down.

-They are trying to see if we will be allowed to keep our current licenses for 12, and not reduce us to the 10.

-Oh, and just because you pay for the special use permit for 12, doesn't mean you will get 12.

So, right now we are all in limbo.  Oh, but if you are up for renewal you are still required to submit all the new paperwork from state and zoning. :(

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