Monday, June 4, 2012

Updated Regulations for Home Daycare's in Virginia

I went to a meeting today, about changes that will occur for licensed family (home) daycare in Virginia.  Today, we learned that a lot of us (home daycare providers) will be NOT be able to care for the same amount of children, that we were licensed for initially.  For instance, I am licensed currently, for 12 children.  But, because of new enforcement, my total will be dropping down to possibly 7-8, depending upon zoning.  And, if you would like the max, which is 10 then you will have to get a special use permit, that will cost (approximately) for my area $910.  Oh, did I mention that this goes into effect July 1st.

I am counting my blessings because, I won't have to deal with this until 2013.  I heard one of the providers say that she pays 4,000 for her permit.  So, I'm guessing it depends on where you live in Virginia, that determines how much you would have to pay for your special use permit, and how many children you would be allotted.  I feel awful for the parents and providers, because those who have to renew their license, will be dealing with new paperwork, and zoning, so that means they will be telling parents shortly that they can no longer watch their child or children.

How do you determine what family needs to be given notice????  This is unfair but we have to do what we have to!

Sorry :(

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