Friday, January 6, 2012

Nap Time

We normally have lunch between 12-1 pm.  After lunch, the (providers) kiddies are ready to lay it down.  Just Joking.  The cribs that we have are portable.  So we place them based on how the kids are behaving that day.  Because, we have a mixed-age group, days are rarely the same.  For instance, if its a Monday, or a long weekend, the kids seem to be really want to give us a hard time.  But, its days like today that makes me want to have another baby.  LOL...

Today, we have three cribs lined up like I have in the pictures.  And, a full house, and ALL the kids are sleeping, yes even the infants.  We have five infants today.  God, is GOOD! :)  Now, for the kids, that don't really like a lot of noise, we put them up stairs with the monitors.  When your dealing with a mixed-aged group your schedule changes daily.  In most cases, we will have a infant or two, that will be up and want to eat.  So, we feed them in the high chairs, and it normally goes well.  In most cases, if you have had a toddler from the time they were an infant, they are able to adjust, and still be able to sleep even when the kids are playing or screaming around them.

Recently, I decided to try one of our two year old's, on a cot, and that didn't workout to well.  We noticed that he wouldn't sleep, so we put him back in the crib and he slept like a baby lol...

Thank you, Jan for asking me to post about "nap time" please feel free to contact me anytime! :)

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