Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Baby Chef - Double-Duty Bottle Warmer

I purchased the Baby Chef bottle warmer, that is the WORST!  I liked the idea that I could heat up two bottles at one time, especially, because we have soooo many infants!  The fact that you could turn the dial to select a temperature you may need at the time would of been a plus, if it indeed, WORKED.
Anyways, we put the bottles in the warmer and it literally took so long, that I ended up putting the bottles one by one, into our old bottle warmer (First Years).  I will be returning this warmer asap.  Anyone, that has an infant knows that they don't care about being patient when they are ready to eat!  Let alone 5-6 infants at a time.  If your looking for a bottle warmer get this one:

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