Saturday, December 3, 2011

Full-time vs Part-time Fees

Some providers, including myself, charge a higher fee for part-time care, because we only have an allotted capacity.  Every providers, limit is different, depending on whether they have a certificate, or license.  The space of the providers home, and if she has children under a certain age, help to determine the amount of children she will be allowed to care for in her/his home.

So, if you have parents, that are only interested in part-time, most likely the provider is going to charge a fee, that will compensate, for the full-time payment.  Or, have it where the parents, will decide to use the provider full-time.

I was reading about a parent in forum that decided to go PT, but was still paying for FT care, but when she wanted to use her providers services, she was told that she didn't have the space.  Now, that to me is unfair.  If the parent is paying you for FT care, then, whether she brings her child in or not, she has already PAID for that week.  The provider should just count that family as one of how many children she is allowed to care for.

Why not ask the county or licensing if you can take on more kids or what you would need to do to make it happen??? 

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