Saturday, October 16, 2010

I was interviewed on a site called: Daycare Providers

Here's the Interview:

Lovedpu: 1- Why did you become a daycare provider?  And, where are you located?

Latisha:  I chose to become a provider because I love children!  I feel like they have helped me grow as a person, and continue to.  They know when you are feeling sad, and have this ability to lift you up.  I am in Alexandria, VA

Lovedpu: 2- Are you licensed or certified, and for how many children at one time?

Latisha: I am licensed for 12 kids.

Lovedpu: 3- Do you have a home daycare or a center?

Latisha:  I have a home daycare.

Lovedpu: 4- Do you have an assistant/s?

Latisha:  I have one full-time assistant and one part-time.

Lovedpu: 5- What are your hours?

Latisha: 7 am- 6pm

Lovedpu: 6- Is there a set curriculum for the kids in your care?

Latisha: Yes, there is.  We do singing, dancing, abc’s, numbers, reading, puzzles, coloring, shapes, beginning words,  no TV at all,  and much more!

Lovedpu: 7- Are you and your assistant/s up to date on your background checks and TB tests?

Latisha: Yes.

Lovedpu: 8- Do you have any violations?  If so, have they been corrected?

Latisha: Unfortunately, I do, and yes they have all been corrected.  My latest inspection had violations, on mainly paperwork, and I told my inspector that I didn't receive any notification that they had changed almost all the forms.  So, if you look me up under dss, you will see that she noted that under each violation.

Lovedpu: 9- How often do you clean your toys?

Latisha: Daily.

Lovedpu: 10- Is there a registration fee?

Latisha: No.

Lovedpu: 11- Do you and your assistant/s take classes yearly?

Latisha: Yes, we do.  I am currently taking the “School Readiness Program.”  My assistants are taking classes as we speak as well, one is taking college courses, and the other is taking classes through Office for Children.

Lovedpu: 12- What have you learned since starting your daycare?

Latisha: I have learned a lot about myself.  I believe that through all my interviews with parents, and through classes, I have bettered my myself personally, and my home daycare.  I want nothing more than to make sure that the kids in my care are showed "love!" My violations have also helped me to push to be better, and that's why I make sure that I take care of each and every violation immediately!

Lovedpu: Latisha thanks for answering all my questions! As you may know, there are a ton of questions that I could have asked but, I would like to keep it short and sweet.  You are our first “Featured Provider!”  We are very excited!  So if parents or providers want to connect with you how do they go about doing that?

Latisha:  First off, I would like to say thanks for the opportunity!
E-mail: Cell: 703-981-6150

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