Saturday, October 16, 2010

I was interviewed on a site called: Daycare Providers

Here's the Interview:

Lovedpu: 1- Why did you become a daycare provider?  And, where are you located?

Latisha:  I chose to become a provider because I love children!  I feel like they have helped me grow as a person, and continue to.  They know when you are feeling sad, and have this ability to lift you up.  I am in Alexandria, VA

Lovedpu: 2- Are you licensed or certified, and for how many children at one time?

Latisha: I am licensed for 12 kids.

Lovedpu: 3- Do you have a home daycare or a center?

Latisha:  I have a home daycare.

Lovedpu: 4- Do you have an assistant/s?