Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Did you know your child had poop in their diaper??

So, I'm wondering if some people know that they have brought their child with poop in their diaper on several occasions? I know that sh-t happens lol. But, when there is a re-occurrence you start to wonder if they knew especially when the poop is hard as a rock and not to mention dry. Its kind of gross too! So, if you know your child has handled their business do us all a favor and take care of it before you bring them to daycare. We can tell when its old poop that they slept in all night.


apple wrangler said...

that is super sad and not ok. i would definitly say something to the parent.

Unknown said...

OMG. I just came upon your blog via craigslist and I almost lost my breath thinking that someone would bring a child to you with a poopy diaper from OVERNIGHT!! The very very first thing I do is change my son's diaper. Is that child neglect-putting a baby with a nasty overnight diaper in the car and making daycare do it? ug!

Soggy Mom said...

Yeah, what Gwen said.

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