Saturday, December 19, 2009

Licensing- Why are you here today???

I talked to one of my parents (in Feb.) and she lets me know that one of her co-workers just adopted a child and was looking for a home daycare. I tell her that we have one opening and its ok to give the lady my phone number. We setup the interview for the following day and everything was going great! She wanted to start that following Monday but her payments would be two weeks behind!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Voluntary Recall by Hill Sportswear Inc.

Hooded drawstrings are cause to a child being strangled to death.  Hill Sportswear Inc., o Paramount, California have recalled over 120, 000 sweatshirts.  Please click the link for more information over at CPSC.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Millions of Drop-Side Cribs Recalled

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission cribs made by Stork Craft, of Canada, have been recalled due to children getting caught in between the railings and the bars. These cribs were sold at Kmart, Walmart, Sears, and Target.
Please check for more information.            

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

19 Reasons You'll Love my Home Daycare

1. Licensed
2. Unannounced visits by Inspector
3. I have the best Assistant
4. CPR/1st Aid trained
5. Capacity 12
6. Regular scheduled activities (outside)
7. Small and mixed age group
8. Flexible hours
9. Comfy home feel
10. Before and after school care
11. Transportation to/from school
12. No registration fee
13. Personable and loving
14. Low turn-over (most of my kids have been w/me for at least 2 yrs.)
15. I work as a team w/my parents
16. On USDA food program
17. Cost
18. Accepts Full/Pt time, Drop-in, On-call,
19. Provider training classes are taking regularly

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My background...

My name is Latisha Jalloh. I've owned my own business since 2005. I started with a certificate. By getting a certificate I was allowed to have five children, I wanted to expand so I got a license. Now I have twelve children plus an assistant.

I have learned so much along the way! One, you should help other up and coming daycare providers because you receive so many blessings from helping others. I believe this is why my house stays full. When I started I thought I would buy a few toys and had no idea how much paperwork went into owning your business. People let’s not forget that this is a business.

If I haven’t learned anything else I have learned that you have to hold on to everything:

-Bank statements from when you began (I know because of personal experience like being audited IRS) I’ll go further at another time.
-Receipts (I’ve learned that receipts start to fade so you should scan them.)
-A wonderful accountant (I love my lady)
-I’ve even went as far as taking pictures of each room that I use for my daycare
-Please have insurance on our rental, and especially if you own your home
-I have insurance on my vehicle as well because you just never know!

The list goes on but, this is all I can think of for now. If I think of anything else I will list it. Please include your thoughts and if you have any questions don’t hesitate ask.

Icing or poop?

Parents and Providers: Has this ever happened to you?

I had just put the kiddies down for a nap and was doing my normal routine of going around checking on all the kids and noticed that one child in particular had something special around his lips, and hands. I think to myself what the heck? I know that I didn’t give the kids any ummm lets say ice cream. So what could that be? poop never crossed my mind. I know that every child is different. So, what I want to know is has this ever happened to you?  Has your child ever ate his own you know poop?   Is this normal? What should the parents or providers do?